May Allāh the Exalted allow us and you to realize the essence and reality of the Mustafawiyya Sacred Law, upon its master be peace, blessings and greetings.  May Allāh Ta`ālā have mercy on the one who says, 'Amīn' to this invocation (du'ā). 

Know, that the Sacred Law (Sharī`ah) consists of three parts:  knowledge (`ilm), action (`amal) and sincerity in intention (ikhlās) and that when these three are not realized then the Sacred Law is not realized.  However when the Sacred Law is realized then the Contentment (ridā) of Allāh Ta`ālā is realized, it being above all bliss whether earthly or heavenly, for the Good Pleasure of Allāh is the greatest good.  The Sacred Law is a guarantor for all earthly and heavenly bliss, there being no need to search for them any where other than the Sacred Law.

Tarīqah and Haqīqah are Subserviant to the Sharī`ah
Imām al-Rabbāni Ahmad al-Farūqī al-Sirhindī