Of all people, the Prophet salallāhu `alayhi wa-ālihi wa-sallam had the most beautiful face, and the brightest countenance. All of the Sahāba who described the Messenger of Allāh salallāhu `alayhi wa-ālihi wa-sallam agreed that his face was bright and radiant, and shone with resplendent light, and clear brilliance. Some of them compared the brilliance of his salallāhu `alayhi wa-ālihi wa-sallam light to the sun, others to the moon. Some of them likened the shining light of his face to the beams of the moon. All of this confirms for us the clear radiance of his face, and his dazzling luminescence salallāhu `alayhi wa-ālihi wa-sallam.

The Radiance of His Face and Luminescence of His Countenance
Imam `Abdallah Sirajuddin al-Husayni