The Sufis were in unanimous agreement that Allah, the Exalted, is described with every attribute with which He described Himself, and is named with every name with which He named Himself. He is Pre-eternal with His names and attributes and does not resemble the creation in any way whatsoever. He is not a corporeal body [jism], shape [shabah], image [sura], atom [jawhar], or an accident [`arad]. He is neither described with movement [haraka] nor stillness [sakana]. Nothing is added or subtracted from Him. He neither possesses dimensions [ab`ad] and parts [ajza'], nor limbs [jawarih] and appendages [a`da']. He is not located in directions [jihat] or places [amkina] and He is not subject to imperfections. He is not overtaken by slumber and He cannot be delimited by allusions. He is neither encompassed by a place nor subject to time. Spatial contact [with objects] is [rationally] impossible for Him, as is indwelling in locations. He is not encompassed by thoughts, He is not covered by veils, and visions apprehend Him not. His Divine Entity is not qualified by a modality and His actions are not performed with burden.

Spiritual Stations & Transient States

Shaykh `Abd al-Hadi Kharsa